We, at Hobrom Consulting, are excited to share our new vision with you and showcase how we can deliver design solutions of exceptional quality that rival those offered by big international consulting firms.

As an engineering consultancy office based in Al Qurayyat, Saudi Arabia, we understand the importance of delivering exceptional design solutions while keeping costs in check. We have strategically positioned ourselves to provide personalized services that meet the unique needs of our clients, particularly real estate developers. 

Our collective expertise spans across diverse sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, high-rise buildings, and hospitality. We pride ourselves on our ability to leverage this extensive knowledge to develop innovative and cost-effective design solutions. As part of our growth strategy, we are excited to expand our services beyond our current region. We are eager to collaborate with real estate developers and clients outside our immediate area, bringing our expertise and track record of successful projects to new locations. This expansion allows us to broaden our horizons and contribute to transformative projects in various markets.

We are fully cognizant of the KSA 2030 vision, and as such, our team dedicates considerable time and resources to comprehending its objectives, goals, and desired outcomes. We engage with a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and designers who have successfully delivered a wide range of projects. We are confident in our ability to match, and even surpass, the design quality provided by larger firms. We firmly believe that the success of a design lies in its attention to details. Our meticulous approach ensures that every aspect of the design is thoroughly analyzed and optimized. We pay close attention to spatial planning, functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, and the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies. By focusing on these crucial details, we create designs that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and efficient.

By working closely with our clients, we aim to gain a deep understanding of their vision, requirements, and constraints. This collaborative approach allows us to develop tailored design solutions that align with your objectives while optimizing costs.

We embrace the latest technological advancements in engineering and design. Our team utilizes cutting-edge software tools and techniques to optimize the design process, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency. By leveraging Building Information Modeling (BIM), computer simulations, and other innovative tools, we ensure accurate designs that can be efficiently implemented, ultimately leading to cost savings.

We understand the financial challenges faced by real estate developers; we offer a flexible pricing structure that caters to different budget requirements without compromising on quality. We have implemented a competitive pricing strategy that sets us apart from big international firms. Our aim is to provide exceptional value for your investment, delivering designs that meet and exceed your expectations while remaining cost-effective.

We are confident that our unique combination of experience, client-centric approach, efficient project management, technological advantage, flexible pricing, and local knowledge positions us as a strong contender in the market. 

Osama Ibrahim Hobrom

General Manager

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Email: Osama.hobrom@hobromconsulting.com

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